Achievement Awards

Achievement Badges is a significant student engagement feature in e2s to award students for their achievements. This creates and nurtures a competitive environment among students to pursue and excel in areas of their passion, and be recognized and rewarded for their achievements. Staff members can create Badges that can be awarded to any studentand also configure the corresponding criteria to be met to achieve those badges.

The badge may also be granted manually by a staff member on a subjective basis to any student, based on the student’s performance. All badges awarded to any individual student will be available for the student to view on their portal or mobile app. Students can view the badges and the criteria that they need to meet to achieve the badge as this would help further encourage students to use the mobile app or portal and also be inspired to collect as many badges as possible.

Achievement Awards
Key features include:
  • Information of the all achieved badges by each student will be displayed on the Student 360 View for the staff members to view real-time
  • Staff members with the right access privileges would be able to add badges to be awarded and also set up categories under which these badges may be added (example: math badge under ‘academic achievements’ category, and community service badge under ‘social category’ etc)
  • Criteria may be configured for each badge so that the students know the qualifying parameters for the badge (for example: attending 2 community service workshops and 20 hours of community service may qualify the student for the community service badge)
  • Badges are a more attractive version of ‘Kudos’, and each campus may decide what badges are relevant and whether they are to be used for curricular or extra-curricular achievements.
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