Appointment Booking

Students often need to meet with their advisors or other campus staff. On e2s App, a student can book an appointment for a meeting. Campus staff can publish their calendars ahead of time with available time slots, and students can pick slots that suit their needs. An advisor can also book a meeting appointment with a student by sending a meeting request, and the student can confirm via the mobile app.

e2s App renders setting up student-staff meetings very easy. Appointments can be one-time or recurring, duration and venue can be specified as well. Students have a calendar on their mobile app that tracks appointments and events with email reminders and mobile alerts. The class schedule can also be integrated into the calendar so that this effectively becomes the only college calendar a student would need. Meeting prerequisites can be published for students to prepare for the meeting.

Watch the video to get a glimpse of Appointment Booking

Key features include:
  • Students can set up appointments to meet with staff members
  • Staff and student calendar reflect the meeting appointment
  • Meeting prerequisites are made available to prepare for the meeting
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