Campus News

Broadcast custom campus news content and RSS feeds to students on their mobile app to keep them up-to-date on campus happenings. Campus news can be created as video or text, previewed, sent instantly or scheduled for later delivery to a persona, group or all students. Set expiration date on campus news for that to disappear from student view. View analytics of how students consume content for continuous improvement.

Publish campus news such as a new Study Abroad opportunity, Alumni success story, campus sports news, etc. It's common knowledge that students don't go to the college website to read campus news. A mobile app is a great way to channel campus news to students. Students also have the option to subscribe to certain news categories. Whenever a news item is published in a subscribed category, a badge appears on the Mobile app, prompting students to view the news item.

Watch the video to get a glimpse of Campus News

Key features include:
  • Create campus news in text, audio or video format under different categories
  • Publish news instantly or schedule it for later delivery
  • Students can subscribe on their mobile apps for certain categories to receive alerts
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