Student Communities

Students can create communities using their e2s App for both learning and leisure purposes, and invite other students to become part of those communities. Communities may be public or private. This is a powerful feature for the institution to gauge student engagement and understand participation levels. Most students today create communities in social media sites, which fails to give the institution necessary insights into student needs and engagement.

Students pursuing, say, agriculture major, can become part of 'Microgreens Club' to discuss ideas and solutions, while 'Hiking Enthusiasts' can form their own community. Students can post text and video content and also 'like' and write comments on posts. Communities promote healthy bonding among students. Campus staff can view posts as well as dashboards on how participative the students are to easily identify outliers, also block posts on abuse reports.

Watch the video to get a quick glimpse of Communities

Key features include:
  • Empower your students to create communities and invite peers
  • Communities can also be created by staff members for students to join
  • These forums are within campus purview, hence engagement is easily visible
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