Mobile App Design Studio

Design a customised mobile app with your campus brand, colour, logo, and theme, without writing a single line of code. e2s App gives the business users a design studio to set up a campus app, change or reorder the applets anytime etc. Users can also link out to other apps, or URLs on the website such as dining options, RSS feeds etc. Publish changes, which will be available the next time students open their apps.

You don't need IT help to create and manage the campus-branded mobile app. You can add a new applet on the fly and publish it instantly. The students only have to open the app next time, to see the changes made. Create new applets out of your website URLs and social media pages. You can let your imagination run wild — create Christmas themes, build mobile app themes around your college mascot, etc.

Watch the video to get a glimpse of Mobile App Design Studio

Key features include:
  • Mobile App Design Studio empowers business users to design and publish the app
  • They can pick icons, brand, logo, theme and colors to customize campus branded app
  • Edit the app and publish, and students see those changes instantly
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