Reports and Dashboards

As e2s is a student engagement tool, real-time engagement metrics by student persona or group are important in order to measure student content consumption pattern, service desk usage, community participation, event attendance, interaction timelines, activity logs etc. Campus staff usually log into multiple college systems to get a variety of student information. e2s can efficiently consolidate and assemble all this information into a single page 360 student view.

e2s generates rich and meaningful data of student communication, interactions, activities and engagement. e2s can also optionally integrate with other campus systems or get feeds from those systems to consolidate and assemble data on student academic progress, library access, class attendance, etc. Several dashboards are rendered by e2s, but the most significant one is the real-time 360 student view, which would enable authorized staff members to see a single, unified dashboard of each student's engagement and academic data, like never before!

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