Student Mentoring

Mentoring is an important need on campuses today. e2sapp allows the campus staff to set up mentoring groups under various categories and allows students to register as mentees, based on their individual needs for mentoring. This makes it easy to kick start, manage and measure a mentoring program with an aim to creating productive mentorship experiences for the participants. The app also gives the ability to organize mentoring events and get a 360 real-time view of the engagement levels.

You can post updates to the mentee group who in turn can ‘like’ and comment. The campus can also send out polls to mentees to collect feedback on events attended or on any other subject. Mentees may download relevant documents such as reading material. The campus may also set up secondary mentors or peer support for mentees for quick and nifty support or guidance. Track mentee progress by reading mentor notes on both their progress and any follow-up action items.

Student Mentoring
Key features include:
  • Enhanced security features to keep mentor’s meeting notes from being visible to those without access rights
  • Build productive learning experiences for the mentees with streamlined guidance and support
  • Reduce campus staff time with well-organized and executed program management
  • Create permission sets for staff member roles using the admin functionality for members playing the Secondary Mentor role or Staff Support role etc.
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