Student Network

The main objective of this functionality is to facilitate students on the university or college campuses to build networks that will help them to conveniently reach out and connect with other students with shared interests and experiences. Each student can send out requests to connect with other students while evaluating similar ‘connect’ requests received from other students. They can use intelligent filters to get a list of peers who are like-minded and share similar interests.

The student may choose to stay under the radar via privacy settings thus limiting other students from viewing their profile information. Students can use their ‘My Profile’ page to view the entire student list and also those on their network already. The student can request new connections, accept or decline incoming requests, etc. In short, this is a powerful closed campus LinkedIn for students, visible to campus staff to measure student engagement.

Student Network
Key features include:
  • Students can view each member profile individually on their student network
  • Incoming requests may be accepted or declined, and the requestor will receive alerts of any such response
  • Students may restrict access to their profile via privacy settings and make only specific info available to their network and public
  • Only ‘Friends’ in the student network will be able to view fields listed as viewable only by ‘Friends’
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