FAQ Knowledge Base

Create FAQ by category for student self-service and keep growing the knowledge base. When a Service Desk issue or query occurs frequently, add that to the FAQs easily, through an approval workflow, on a single click. Students can do keyword search on the FAQ list to view the appropriate one, optionally rate the FAQ, or if they find the response inadequate raise the query on Service Desk seamlessly.

Create FAQ for different categories such as Financial Aid, Scholarships, Housing, etc. and let the students use keywords to quickly find the answers that they are looking for. Students can see the most viewed FAQ and also rate the FAQ for relevance. FAQ knowledge base is a growing college intellectual property and is an effective student self-service tool. New staff members can use the FAQ knowledge base to quickly go up on the learning curve.

Watch the video to get a glimpse of FAQ

Key features include:
  • FAQ functionality has integrated intelligence and smart search capabilities
  • Real-time stats on how students view FAQ to help campus promote self-service
  • Increased occurrence of a Service Desk query, is an obvious signal to add to the FAQ
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