Is legacy system crushing your institution’s growth?

Is legacy system crushing

The growth of education institutions depends on three factors: transparent process, student engagement, and student retention. And, with a legacy system, no student-centric institution can escalate the competition and accelerate growth.

Adapting to technology advancements is no longer an option for educational institutions but a necessity today.

Many institutions still hold on to legacy systems because

  1. they believe the current system is working “fine.”
  2. they fail to realize the improved “operations and efficiency” digital solutions offer

While sticking to the above ideology will help you grow for some time, the success rate will plummet in the long run – as you’re failing to contemplate the changing student behaviors.

Here are some of the challenges your institution will face while using a legacy system to engage students.

  1. Broken student experiences
  2. Zero visibility to critical information
  3. Disparate data
  4. Complex process
  5. Delayed responses
  6. The increased student attrition rate

If your institution is still dependent on a legacy system, it is necessary to modernize your existing ecosystem to ensure rapid growth and beat the competition.

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The college or university should, of course, make the first move and must take the lead in building a culture of alumni engagement. The institution should be clear about channeling the energies of alumni in areas that would be mutually beneficial and where alumni assistance would make the biggest difference to current students.

90% of students use their smartphones for contacting the educational institutions today for enrollment, queries, support, and without a mobile app tailor-made for your institution’s unique needs, it is hard to engage and retain students.

The global education apps market is expected to grow by USD 46.88 billion during 2020-2024, according to the latest market research report by Technavio.

It is prudent from the above report that mobile applications are already influencing educational institutions’ businesses, and this trend will continue.

Still not convinced? Discover some of the ways a mobile app can help your institution engage students better and grow faster. 

Top benefits of having a mobile app for student engagement

  1. Anywhere, anytime access for students to interact
  2. Always-on connection with students
  3. A seamless, efficient, and straightforward way to reach out to students
  4. Attracts, engages, and communicates with students seamlessly
  5. Improves retention rate
  6. Reduces attritions
  7. Enhances growth

While many institutions may still believe legacy systems are easy to use and convenient, remember, you’re missing out on excellent opportunities to engage students better and grow fast.

Say goodbye to legacy systems to interact and engage students and invest in the best-in-class application to increase student retention. 

Want to see how a mobile app will transform student engagement and experience? See it in action.

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