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Transform Student Experience

Many colleges and universities around the world have adopted the mantra "Treat your student as a customer" as they have clearly understood that a singularly student-centric approach is critically needed to be competitive, and help achieve student success. In the age of smartphones and millennials, mobile apps for students have assumed center stage for student service, engagement, well-being, retention and success.

e2s App is your campus-branded mobile app, cloud-based and ready to go live in days. It helps campuses create two-way communication with students via their preferred devices. Engage, nurture and be responsive to student needs, and make sure that no student query or issue falls through the cracks. Peer-to-peer conversation among students is as important a measure of their engagement, as their academic initiatives. Empower your staff with our mobile design studio to use campus branding, colors, themes and icons - reduce dependence on scarce IT resources!

e2s App gives you all this and more to create a mobile campus instantly and go where your students are!

Transform Student Experience

launch your own CAMPUS-BRANDED MOBILE APP, instantly!

Simple to Set up

Simple to Set up

We can get e2s mobile app up and running without breaking a sweat! We need to work with only your business users. We're cloud-based, which means that you have no hassles with procuring and maintaining IT servers. Let your IT teams stay busy with other projects!
Centralized Control

Centralized Control

All your student information can be accessed from our single system anytime, anywhere. e2s brings student service and engagement together onto a single dashboard to eliminate departmental silos and inconsistent student support!
Highly Configurable

Highly Configurable

e2s mobile app is built from the ground up for Higher Ed, with flexible design to easily configure your app to reflect structures and workflows of your institution. Create a customized mobile app using our Design Studio, without writing a single line of code!

Elevate student experience

Stay connected with your students

To improve the student experience, you need to interact and engage with your students meaningfully. With e2s App, you can post campus news onto an institutional wall feed, conduct a poll, push notifications, send event invites, set up meeting appointments for specific student groups.

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Be approachable anytime, anywhere

Automate your entire case management process! Provide fast and effective responses to student issues, queries, and concerns, to quickly get them back on a path to success. Responsive staff teams directly affect student morale. Deliver help resources right to the palm of the student's hands!

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"Know Your Students" - track all institutional engagement

The 360-degree student view provides useful real-time insights on a single dashboard into each student's engagement levels, centralized notes, progress, attendance, grades, documents, assignments, milestones and communications history, all on a single click. View other insightful dashboards and reports on student behavior.

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Enhance student engagement levels

Students can engage with each other by creating online communities based on common interests, activities or clubs. They can even form groups for specific academic topics, online study communities, and peer mentoring. Peer-to-peer engagement is vital to improved student experience.

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A powerful app to improve student-institution relationships!

Student View

Get a real-time unified view of each student's journey with a single click - interaction timelines, notes, progress, and engagement metrics!
360 Student View

and Reports

We track a variety of usage analytics for your benefit. The more you know your student users, the better you fine-tune your engagement plan!
Dashboards and Reports
Admin Screen


Invite, process RSVP, and manage registrations for all campus events including open days, campus visits, and student development workshops.
Service Desk

Service Desk

Address student queries, issues, and concerns without missing a beat, and build a FAQ knowledge base from the learning for student self-service
Requests raised on Service Desk
Student-Staff Meeting Appointments
Events/Workshops conducted
Student Engagement touch-points

Case Studies

Connecting with students through the devices they use most — their mobile phones.
Connecting with students through the devices they use most — their mobile phones.
University of Sunderland improve their Student Experience
University of Sunderland improve their Student Experience