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Service Desk

Students can “ask a question” or raise an issue via Service Desk, and the campus staff members respond quickly with a meaningful response through a fully functional ticketing system

  • Automatic assignment of queries to staff teams based on business rules
  • Detailed communication history for easy staff collaboration
  • Centralized notes and document management system
  • Levels of confidentiality based on staff role, to access student information
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FAQ Knowledge Base

FAQ by category for student self-service and a growing the knowledge base that can be searched by Students through keyword search

  • FAQ knowledge base has integrated intelligence and smart search capabilities
  • Real-time stats on how students view FAQ to further promote self-service
  • Increased occurrence of a Service Desk query, is an obvious signal to add to the FAQ
  • Improve your staff productivity by eliminating simple questions on their desks
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student journey apps for colleges

Student Journey on Campus

Provide a highly personalized journey to students by effectively grouping them based on their Persona - automate tasks, interactions and notifications for customized guidance

  • Comprehensive view of pending tasks, forms, communication history and status
  • Provide customized communication plan for each student based on persona
  • A single student may belong to more than one persona – run targeted campaigns for each persona
  • View analytics by persona to make strategic and tactical decisions
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Appointment Booking

Students often need to meet with their advisors or other campus staff, and on e2s App a student or staff member can initiate booking an appointment for a meeting

  • Students can set up appointments to meet with staff members
  • Staff members can publish their availability ahead of time
  • Staff and student calendar reflect the meeting appointment
  • Meeting prerequisites are made available to prepare for the meeting
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student mentor app for higher education

Student Mentoring

e2s App enables campus staff to set up educational or career mentoring groups, and students can register as mentees based on their individual needs for mentoring.

  • Mentoring groups under various categories to streamline student guidance and support
  • Enable students to connect with the right mentors based on their needs and interests
  • Make relevant material available to the mentees to facilitate productive meetings
  • Track mentee progress via mentor notes with built-in access security features
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Student Communities

Students can create communities using their e2s App for both learning and leisure purposes, and invite other students to become part of those communities.

  • Empower students to create communities, public or private
  • Communities are visible on the staff portal to watch student engagement
  • Get deeper insights into student needs and interests
  • Students can post text and video content and also 'like' and write comments on post
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student community app for universities
polling app to keep students engaged

Student Polls

Proactively pulse, engage, and guide students by sending quick polls to their mobile apps, and use their responses to ensure student satisfaction

  • Select the audience to receive the poll by either persona or group
  • Send a quick poll to the students to ascertain their pulse on anything specific
  • Set up automated actions based on poll responses to trigger appropriate follow up
  • View insightful poll analytics to meet and stay ahead of student needs
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Campus News

Broadcast custom campus news, inspiring alumni stories, and RSS feeds to students on their mobile app to keep them up-to-date on campus happenings

  • Create campus news in text, audio or video format under different categories
  • Publish news instantly or create drafts and schedule for later delivery
  • Students can subscribe for certain categories of interest, and receive alerts on the mobile app
  • Track your students’ content consumption patterns for future optimization
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customized student news app for higher education
campus events management app

Campus Events

e2s App's event management platform is a strategic tool to manage the entire event lifecycle from start to finish, from meeting invitation to registration and feedback.

  • Plan the event details such as speakers, sponsors, venue and budget
  • Send invites to specific audience – persona, group or all students and staff
  • Manage event registrations through QR code or manual means, and payment gateway for entrance fee
  • Obtain feedback from meeting attendees for continuous improvement
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Achievement Awards

Achievement awards may be created by academic as well as administrative staff on campus in order to award students for their achievements, which may be a significant student engagement feature

  • Configure threshold parameters for students to receive an award or award simply on a subjective basis
  • Awards achieved by a student will be displayed for staff real-time on the Student 360 View
  • Create various categories of areas of achievement and add more as new areas emerge
  • Creates and nurture a competitive environment among students to pursue and excel in areas of their passion, and be recognized for their efforts.
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student social network on campus

Student Network

This is to facilitate students on the campus to build networks by conveniently reaching out and connecting with other students who have shared interests and experience

  • Students can view only those other student profiles on their personal network
  • Incoming connection requests may be accepted or declined
  • Students may restrict access to their profile via privacy settings and make only specific info available to those on their network or otherwise
  • Students can thus build a close network that could outlive their time on campus
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Mobile App Notifications

Send app notifications to instantly communicate in case of emergencies or just to inform, to an individual student, group of students or all students.

  • Send notifications on the mobile app to selected audience based on requirement
  • Notifications can be grouped under categories for later reference and reuse
  • Publish notifications immediately or schedule it for later delivery
  • Personalized touchpoints via notifications to students on birthday, anniversary etc.
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interactive campus maps for universities

Campus Maps

Staff can set up campus maps and mark all locations of importance and interest in and around the campus for students to find directions to.

  • The staff sets up map markers of points of interest in and around the campus
  • In case of multiple campuses, students can view each campus on their mobile app
  • Students can get directions to a location marker on the map
  • This feature is especially good for new students on campus or on large campuses
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Campus Staff Directory

Students often have to navigate a fairly complex campus system to get their questions answered or tasks done.

  • Students can access a directory for quick contact with staff members
  • They can choose a staff member from a specific department
  • Students can instantly chat or book an appointment, and of course, email or call the staff member
  • Students are empowered to do this at their convenience and comfort
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Transform student experience

improve student experience on college campuses

Streamline and improve employee productivity through our super efficient staff portal

360 Student View

This whole app was built with one important mission – “student first”. Thus we architected our solution in a manner that all transactions, progress, status, engagement metrics, activity logs, profile details, centralized notes, and issues resolutions consolidated in this real-time 360 view for a single, powerful dashboard.

  • Staff members can view real-time a 360 Student View based on their access rights for each individual data item on the dashboard
  • This is a unified view of all touchpoints with each student, and hence puts all the staff members dealing with that student on the same page
  • Get a real-time view of student engagement while consolidating crucial details such as grades and attendance via API’s to other college systems, to highlight students at-risk
  • The underpinning philosophy of this unique dashboard is that “if you know your student well, you can in fact create a solid bond with that student”.
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Mobile App Design Studio

Design a customized mobile app with your campus brand, color, logo, and theme, without writing a single line of code using e2s App’s versatile design studio

  • Our Design Studio empowers business users to design and instantly publish the app
  • They can change the app seasonally by changing colors and themes to make the app more engaging for students
  • Edit the app and publish anytime, and students get to see those changes instantly and seamlessly
  • Link out to other campus systems and apps with just a quick entry
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Reports and Dashboards

Reports and dashboards are generated on student communication, interactions, activities and engagement, and if data are fed from other campus systems e2s also creates dashboards on student academic progress, library access, class attendance, etc

  • Monitor student engagement on campus in a single unified view
  • Receive automated reports to your email on a daily, weekly, monthly basis
  • Feeds to strategic decision making with real-time student experience data
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